Why Are All The Menschs I Know Not Jewish?

In my life experience a mensch was a really sweet, good-two shoes.┬áMuch of my life I didn’t go for this type, but I dated them. All those lovely, good hearted (unscarred & unspoiled by Jewish mothers) men.

Husband would love to think of himself as a mensch.

As disappointed as I am that I cannot see this way, I’m even more baffled that he expects that he would be. Yes, he wants to be successful at everything, the ultimate renaissance man. I do believe there comes a point where we need to accept ourselves as we are right now. Things like this, “ways of being”, are very hard to change. I believe it’s because they are imbedded into our early, early, early childhood. Who were the man’s childhood role models? That will tell us who the man is. It becomes the filter through which all further life training gets interpreted.

I’m wondering where those non-Jewish menschs are now. Interesting that they are ALL too interested in their privacy for Facebook.