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Men (specifically husbands) Have Limited Hearing

They only hear partial sentences, partial paragraphs, partial sentiments. So you must condense. Be sure the most important part of your ideas are within the first part of the first sentence. That’s all he will hear.

Be aware of using a qualifying word before your key words. For example, “I won’t be available before 12:30pm…” This statement can result in a multitude of mishaps. He will only hear 12:30 am. He will ask you if you want to have a romantic brunch at 10:45am. You will say, “I told you I wasn’t available before 12:30pm.” He’ll say, “I can’t win. I’m trying to be the romantic guy YOU want.”

This has a chance of being avoided by condensing. “12:30pm. Good.”


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I use to have an exciting life. Somehow I thought there'd be more in marriage....hmmm. Waiting.

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