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Why Do They “Always” Exaggerate?

If your husband says he bought you a $400 camera for your birthday, look for the receipt. For sure it’s barely $300. If it took him “ALL” day to do the tasks that needed to get done that means he’s spread out his tasks by sprinkling in his grooming, his “need” to go to home depot, (with a stop at hamburger joint then 7-eleven),  his computer games (and/or possibly porn) and therefore it did take them all day to -almost- finish the list of household tasks. And it was SO hard, he’ll say.

My dear dad use to go to work everyday of his life, barely late, any weather without a complaint. Husband complains everyday. Mass transit, traffic, length of commute, time he has to get up (not taking into account he was up “playing video games”), doesn’t get to eat all day long, etc.

Why not tell the truth? They are really 5’9″, not 5’11”. They don’t want to help in the task you’ve just asked for and will be passive aggressively be showing this–but never verbalizing about it. And they NEVER really wanted to get married. But don’t want to divorce FOR YOUR sake.


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I use to have an exciting life. Somehow I thought there'd be more in marriage....hmmm. Waiting.

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