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Husband Theory You Gotta Hear

So now he says men, like animals in nature, have no allegiance to one sex partner. In fact their goal is to has as many as possible. So it should be expected that he’d be at a dinner party with me and he’d get fixated on some woman’s boobs across the table. Then when I try to tell him it upsets me that he’s not focused on me, he’s proud to tell me it’s the nature of ALL MEN”s reptilian brain to function like that. And any man who doesn’t does not have a strong libido, like his. (a sideways compliment to himself) 

It’s funny because the more he believes this is the healthy nature of men, the more he will look to take on this disgusting, unsophisticated behavior.

I’ve dated fabulous men who were completely focused and who were much better lovers than husband. So there goes husband’s theory.


About dontgetmarried

I use to have an exciting life. Somehow I thought there'd be more in marriage....hmmm. Waiting.

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