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He Did a Household Chore Today!

No, I’m not impressively talking about my 5 month old.

Here’s the picture: I’m up for 5am feeding, back to bed-luckily, 7:30am diaper change, up for 9am feeding, 9:30am making breakfast… for husband, who has the luxury of showering, combing his hair, putting on deodorant, brushing teeth. I watch observe tasks enviously. 

I’m making him something I think he’d like. He comes through the kitchen with his bathrobe in hand, stops by the baby and says, Daddy is going to wash his own robe because that’s what real men do.

This my friend is true. Real men do the laundry.
But real men don’t need acclaimation for the 1 out of 200 household tasks they choose to do.

Take note: He did not ask if I had anything to go into the wash.


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I use to have an exciting life. Somehow I thought there'd be more in marriage....hmmm. Waiting.

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